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The Hero of Canton

Nemo me impune lacessit.

Martin Arnold
11 February
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What do you want to know? Physical description: Blue eyes, black hair, 6', 140lbs. I enjoy playing games, dating, watching and collecting movies, and the occasional "get shitfaced" party. I collect katanas and DVD's. I am single and always looking. Read the journal, if you want to know more. There is no way to fully portray my awesomeness in this one, dinky box.
3000gt, 501st legion, 80's music, abby, acting, aim, alcohol, angel, angelina jolie, apocalypse, bars, beer, blackjack, blue hair, braveheart, break dancing, bud light, buffalo wings, buffy, camping, candles, chatting, chicks, chihuahua, cigars, concerts, cooking, costumes, count of monte cristo, cuban cigars, cuddling, dancing, dating, dave matthews band, deer, diablo ii, dragons, driving, dvd's, ebay, eclipse, eliza dushku, falling in love, fencing, firefly, fitness, food, friends, games, gangsters, general hospital, girls, god, godfather, gollum, grilling, guitar, guns, halloween, hard rock, hershey's cookies and cream, highlander, horror, horror movies, horse racing, horseback riding, hugs, hunting, hydrangea, improvement, information, jade plants, jedi, jesus, joking, kellie, kill bill, kiss, kisses, kissing, law enforcement, liquor, lj, long hair, love, love songs, mafia, mardi gras, memories, metallica, mitsubishi, mobsters, money, movies, mp3s, music, new people, nicolas cage, orange juice, organized crime, parties, pictures, pillows, pranks, quickening, rebel legion, red wine, resident evil, revelation, road trips, rock music, rollerblading, romeo y julieta, rottwielers, sad songs, satin sheets, saxaphone, scented candles, scents, serenity, showcase cinemas, simpsons, singing, skyy, sleep, smeagol, soft rock, sophie marceau, sopranos, souls, speakers, star wars, star wars galaxies, starry night, stars, steak, swords, tattoos, techno, tequila, texas hold 'em, university of kentucky, vincent van gogh, weapons, wildcat basketball, women, working out, writing, yoda, zoos